Answers on Aging

Episode 55: What Would Surprise Me about Elder Law and Nursing Homes?

By Todd Whatley & Sara Scott


Find out some things you will be surprised to learn about Elder Law and Nursing Homes.

Today we talk about a number of topics.  We discuss things that may surprise you about Elder Law and then we talk about Nursing Homes.

Sara is the Nursing Home expert and as a former Administrator, she tells you some inside information about nursing homes that will surprise you.  Todd, will tell you some things that you need to know about Elder Law and a few things that will probably surprise you.

It’s a fun episode with Todd and Sara.  Join us.

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Hosted By

T and S Thumbs

Todd Whatley & Sara Scott

“Aging” or “Growing Old” has to be better than dying young, right?? Join Certified Elder Law Attorney, Todd Whatley, and Long Term Care Expert, Sara Scott, with over 30 years of combined first hand knowledge, as they dive deep into the complexities, sensitive topics, and how-to’s of becoming an “aging individual” or caregiver of an “aging loved one”. Areas you will learn about range from senior-related caregiving issues, legal/financial issues, when to stop driving, and late in life marriages, to even grief, death, and other end of life concerns. If you struggle with what to do next, how to cope, or simply the basics on what lies ahead as you or your loved one ages, this podcast provides solutions to your questions by bringing you all the ANSWERS ON AGING.

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