Answers on Aging

Episode 4 Who Needs to Know about my Finances

By Todd Whatley and Sara Scott


Questions answered in this episode include (but NOT limited to):

(For aging individuals) Why should I share information about my finances?

(For adult children and caregivers) Why is it important to know about my aging loved ones finances?

With whom should I share my financial information?

How do I obtain financial information about my aging loved one?

What is the age difference between Todd and Sara? (BONUS!! 🙂 )

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Hosted By

Answers on Aging Podcast

Todd Whatley and Sara Scott

Todd Whatley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with 20+ years of experience and is past President of the National Elder Law Foundations the governing organization over all Certified Elder Law Attorneys nationally. He has worked with thousands of families helping them plan for the future and get the care they need without losing everything they have to pay for care. Sara Scott is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator, former Director of Social Services and Executive Director of a non-profit Adult Day Program. She also works with families and individuals as an Advocate for Geriatric Care and is a Nursing Home Expert Consultant for law firms throughout the US. Sara has over 10 years of experience working in the Long Term Care field with tons of families and aging individuals.

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