Answers on Aging

Episode 26: How do I prepare to move my aging parent in to my home?

By Todd Whatley & Sara Scott


Jim GermanOriginally from Okinawa (Military Marine Brat)1967 moved to US, HI, Cuba, etc., settled in AR in 1990 after serving about 3 years in the US Army. Oldest of 7 children.Married to Gayla 15 years3 sonsMom has been living w/ them for just over 3 years, Hatsuko
-Know the medical/health picture prior to move AND their Insurance coverage
-Locate new providers and work on getting established prior to receiving
-Assess functionality and make modifications if needed, (including heat/AC, temperature preferences)…
-Travel accommodations (especially flying alone)
-Knowing income/financial picture
-Clear communication (itch cream example)
-Biggest surprises: stress to existing relationships (marriages, parent/child, work, etc.),

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Todd Whatley & Sara Scott

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