Answers on Aging

Episode 25: What are the top 8 red flags that indicate unhealthy aging?

By Todd Whatley & Sara Scott


If you notice 1 or more of these indicators, and especially more than 1, do a deep-dive and seek professional assistance for the causes and treatment plans.

1.Falls (and the fear of falling)
2.Memory Concerns (sometimes evaluation can reveal treatable causes)
3.Depression (treatments, meds and psychotherapy, are  very effective)
4.Urinary Incontinence (will likely restrict activity and lead to decreased quality of life)
5.Pain (should be managed by non-medication treatments first, but then meds when necessary)
6.Isolation & Loneliness (support systems need to be strong/intact and if not, make it the case!)
7.Polypharmacy (upcoming episode w/ pharmacist)
8.Personality/Behavioral Changes (refer to episode #24 w/ Dr. Chambers)“7 Commonly Neglected Problems to Address for Healthier Aging: The Healthy Aging Checklist Part 3” by Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH
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Todd Whatley & Sara Scott

Todd Whatley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with 20+ years of experience and is past President of the National Elder Law Foundations the governing organization over all Certified Elder Law Attorneys nationally. He has worked with thousands of families helping them plan for the future and get the care they need without losing everything they have to pay for care. Sara Scott is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and consultant to attorneys regarding nursing home issues and works with families to find the best level of care for their needs. She has worked with countless seniors and their families since 2008 in various capacities and has a sincere motivation for helping those individuals achieve the best quality of life possible. Answers on Aging Podcast is the life work of Todd Whatley and Sara Scott. Todd is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with 20+ years of experience of working with seniors and their families and Sara is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and consultant with over 10 years of experience. They tackle all of the hard subjects with clarity and compassion to help you and you family tackle these years with peace of mind and knowledge.

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