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Episode 21: What can I use money for when on a “spend-down” to qualify for Medicaid?

By Todd Whatley & Sara Scott


You don’t have to go broke to get on Medicaid for NH Care… 

Primarily applies to married couples for “spousal protection rules”…
Community spouse is the spouse at home or the “well spouse”….
Pay off mortgageHome Improvements (renovations, remodeling, etc.)Get a newer carBurial Plans (for both spouses)
To find a Certified Elder Law Attorney near you:

To find an Elder Law Attorney near you:

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Hosted By

Todd Whatley & Sara Scott

This podcast is hosted by Certified Elder Law Attorney, Todd Whatley, and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Sara Scott. Together, these aging experts bring an impressive combined 30 plus years of experience to the table in order to give you all the ANSWERS ABOUT AGING.

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