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Episode 16: Why is it important for me to have a dermatologist as I age? (An interview with Dr. Eric Belin)

By Todd Whatley & Sara Scott


Dr. Eric Belin
15 years Dermatologist
24 years MD- (family practice, flight surgeon in NAVY, 1999-2003; then dermatologist)
Originally from “God’s Country, Fairland, Indiana”,  Where he met his wife, Jen. They married in Ohio in 1995. 4 boys, .
Naval hospital Dermatologist  Bethesda Naval Hospital for supreme court and congress and white house staff.. Currently on staff for Premier Dermatology in Northwest Arkansas.

Skin is the body’s largest organ- treat it right, or lose it!! 

You are in control for your own health and you are responsible for your own skin condition.

Flight surgeon explanation

When does botox have the most effective results to begin or consider??

Dermatologists want to make you COMFORTABLE in your own skin…

Skin Change is Real! Skin vs. El Camino “leather-ish” dash board material…

1. Dont smoke
2. Stay out of sun/excessive
3. Hydrate internally
4. hydrate externally

Never go to the tanning bed-spray tans are perfectly fine🙂

Ultraviolet light degrades the skin

SPF= Sun Protection Factor recommendation is 30 SPF with adequate application-application makes ALL the difference! Rule of thumb: Average size amount is an ounce (shot glass full)

ABCDE of skin spots:

Differences between sunscreen and sunblock…

Block= Zinc or titanium, thicker, pasty
Screen=  oxybenzo, avobenzone

Recommended whatever you will wear, b/c anything is better than nothing, when it comes to applying sunscreen/sunblock.

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Hosted By

Todd Whatley & Sara Scott

Todd Whatley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with 20+ years of experience and is past President of the National Elder Law Foundations the governing organization over all Certified Elder Law Attorneys nationally. He has worked with thousands of families helping them plan for the future and get the care they need without losing everything they have to pay for care. Sara Scott is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and consultant to attorneys regarding nursing home issues and works with families to find the best level of care for their needs. She has worked with countless seniors and their families since 2008 in various capacities and has a sincere motivation for helping those individuals achieve the best quality of life possible. Answers on Aging Podcast is the life work of Todd Whatley and Sara Scott. Todd is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with 20+ years of experience of working with seniors and their families and Sara is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and consultant with over 10 years of experience. They tackle all of the hard subjects with clarity and compassion to help you and you family tackle these years with peace of mind and knowledge.

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