Answers on Aging

Episode 10 (part 1 of 2): What should I know about hospice care? A first-hand personal perspective.

By Todd Whatley and Sara Scott


Guest: Maxie Carpenter
 Intro to Maxie (plug podcast)

What was your personal experience, on the family side, in working with a hospice agency?

Professional/Board experience
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Hosted By

Todd Whatley and Sara Scott

Sara Scott is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and consultant to attorneys regarding nursing home issues and also works with families to find the best level of care for their needs. She has worked with countless seniors and their families since 2008 in various capacities and has a sincere motivation for helping those individuals achieve the best quality of life possible. Todd Whatley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with 20+ years of experience and is past President of the National Elder Law Foundations the governing organization over all Certified Elder Law Attorneys nationally. He has worked with thousands of families helping them plan for the future and get the care they need without losing everything they have to pay for care. Todd and Sara also have a live weekly local radio show on, every Wednesday morning, from 9am-10am, Central Time, and would love for you to check it out!

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