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Sara and Todd are super excited about bringing you the most up to date (and some old but “tried and true”) information during your senior years.  If you are the senior this is for you.  However, if you are the child of a senior or the caregiver of a senior, this is for you also.  Feel free to browse around and hear what we have to say and if you need anything like  information that you don’t see listed, drop us a note and we will answer you directly and/or do a show on it.

About Us

“Aging” or “Growing Old” has to be better than dying young, right?? Join Certified Elder Law Attorney, Todd Whatley, and Long Term Care Expert, Sara Scott, with over 30 years of combined first hand knowledge and experience, as they dive deep into the complexities, sensitive topics, and how-to’s of becoming an “aging individual” or caregiver of an aging loved one. This podcast covers senior-related caregiving issues, legal/financial issues, when to stop driving, late in life marriages, grief, death, and other aging and end of life concerns. If you struggle with what to do next, how to cope, or simply the basics on what lies ahead as you or your loved one ages, this podcast provides solutions to your questions by bringing you all the ANSWERS ON AGING.

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Meet Our Hosts

Sara Scott

Sara Scott is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Executive Director of an Adult Day Program, Senior Care Navigator, and consultant to attorneys regarding nursing home issues.

Todd Whatley

Todd Whatley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with 20+ years of experience and is past President of the National Elder Law Foundation.


Todd and Sara have spent their entire adult lives working with seniors.  They bring over 30 years of you discussing all issues related to seniors.

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